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Is Love that Powerful?

A few years ago I was talking with a group about violence in schools. In specific, bullying and gun violence. A lot of options for managing these issues were presented including having more police in schools, arming teachers, having metal detectors and bag checks.

The group was surprised when I suggested the only thing necessary for alleviating violence is love.

MELIFELOVE teaches self awareness, healing, and alignment!

Hurt people hurt people.

When we learn how to heal ourselves, love ourselves, and be in integrity with our whole self, I believe, there will be less hate, crime, violence, and bullying amongst children and adults.

A study revealed a lack of SEL regularly correlated with unfavorable outcomes such as an increased chance of unemployment, divorce, poor health, criminal behavior and imprisonment.

  • Are human beings naturally violent?

  • What are some of the reasons why students know, think, feel, and express hate and violence?

  • Why is it important and valuable that human beings learn about themselves and get to know who/what/how they are?

  • How are dis-stressing emotions best de-fused?

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