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Some classes available on the MELIFELOVE Virtual Community. Others are only available live or via zoom.

Courses for Schools & Companies

 Customized ​Learning 
​ & Individualized Plans

MELIFELOVE is easy to work with.


  • Choose from the many existing courses and curriculum.

  • Join on-going and pop-up events.

  • Propose a project collaboration.

  • Seek unique opportunities.

MELIFELOVE offers developmental practices, lectures, courses, services, and events to awaken and connect students and staff to their inner peace and joy.


MELIFELOVE welcomes you. Call today to create more coherence and harmony at your school. 

Whether you are a student, parent, teacher, counselor, administrator, or community member MELIFELOVE wants to know what we can help you achieve. 

Call or Text 78647LIVE7

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How can MELIFELOVE help you? 


  • Professional Development

  • On-Line Courses

  • Consultation

  • One-on-one Coaching

  • Group Classes 

  • School Visits

  • Curriculum Development

  • Creative Projects

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