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Sound Therapy

"If your soul is injured and dissociated,

You’ll absolutely require distracting, alleviating, or energy boosting substances and practices just to keep yourself going.

There’s no shame in your movement toward relief; there are just better ways to find it."

— The Language of Emotions, Karla McLaren

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You may wonder why I have a quote from emotion expert, Karla McLaren, at the forefront of this page. Emotion is energy in motion. It is the literal and obvious example of how an intangible can feel so tangible that it colors our whole world. Do you know that holistic health recognizes how all of the aspects of self influence each other. So it's wise to look at all angles when assessing your own health. Your physical body, emotions, intellect, and soaring spirit are all important. If you are feeling a bit off, perhaps you are out of alignment within your own self. Sound Therapy may be able to help. 

We experience life in the physical manifested form. We are part of the universe as a whole. Any form is in a state of some vibration in this universe. Philosophically man was created from sound.  Every cell in the body has its natural vibration which is affected by our environmental experiences. All our experiences within the universe is simply our perception of waves.

Sound therapy is a process of improving many facets of the one’s life, including emotional and social development, cognitive and motor functioning, that plays a role in psychological health.

When sound waves reach our ears, they are converted into electrical signals that travel up the auditory nerve into the auditory cortex, the part of the brain that processes sound, which trigger responses in our bodies. This process alters our emotions, releases hormones and chemicals that affect both our bodies and our moods.

There are different instruments and tools that can be used in sound healing.


Its foundation is based on the premise of entrainment. Entrainment is a method of synchronising our brainwaves, which fluctuate, by producing a stable, solid frequency that our brains adjust to and then match.

Conditions that can improve or heal through sound includes:
  •   Anxiety disorders and stress

  •   Mood swings, or negative emotions, such as sadness, anger, grief, worry, fear 

  •   Depression

  •   Behavioral problems including autism

  •   Post- traumatic stress disorder

  •   Pain

  •  Learning disabilities


It brings about:

  •    Heightened awareness, both of the self and the environment

  •    Clarity and balance

  •    Relaxation

  •    Improved memory and concentration

  •    Improved sleep quality and quantity

  •     A stronger immune system

  •     Improved creativity


In my practice I use therapy singing bowls that are gently tapped with mallets specifically designed to activate the bows. This produce audible and perceptible impulses which induce rapid relaxation. The higher vibrations penetrate deep to the cellular level where regenerative processes take place on physical, emotional and mental levels. Pretty cool, right? 


A sound session consists of:

The client lies fully clothed on a therapy table, cushioned floor mat, yoga mat, or seated in a chair or on a pillow. The bowls are placed strategically and are activated allowing the vibrational frequencies to stimulate the various parts of the body mind complex.



Often this practice is done in addition to another treatment or as a group session. Though I welcome singular experiences, I believe the natural rhythm of things is the best way to go. And so why limit it to a box described by a word. If you are interested in Sound Therapy, say so. Also, let me know if you are interested in the other services I offer. We can create a special experience for you and also invite you to other Sound Therapy Events. I often use Guided Imagery and occasionally a group bodytalk session during the open sessions. 

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