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Earth and Space

You know what's best and right for you and your family. That's your main job. Choose your consumerism and materialism wisely. The Mother Earth Health Guide offers suggestions for people, places, and things that you may benefit from. Check out our resturant guide, alternative health practitioner guide, places to go and things to do that you are going to love. Get it all from ME youtube, podcast, and this vortex here. 

MELIFELOVE demonstrates, educates, inspires, motivates, and encourages its customers to take care of their holistic health, recognizing the interconnectedness of the many aspects of oneself,  as well as the influence of relationships and lifestyle choices.


Excellence. Experience. Expertise.

ME LIFE LOVE is here to help you experience more connection in your life and relationships; within the many aspects of oneself, with one another in relationships, and with the environment.

Health & Well-Being Naturally.

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Stay connected. 
Take Courses. 

Join Groups. 

Get involved!

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Take it to the next level!

MEfood Smoothies

Breathe with ME Series 1 

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Located in Olean, NY, The Center is a peaceful and inspiring place where magic happens. Private services, group fitness classes, community events, workshops, tea parties, gifts and more. 


At Schools

We need this. Our kids need this.

The best thing we can do for the world right now is teach the children how to self regulate. 

MELIFELOVE highlights the essentials of our basic human needs and how to exercise holistically for for the wellbeing of the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of oneself.

Breathe well, move well, feel well, think well, act well, be well, do wonderful things.



Media & About ME

Founded 2015

Incorporated 2017 FL & 2021 NY


Sometimes people misunderstand the concept of ME. They stop at the small word, "me," and get lost in the jargon of the ego, as well as the social faux pas of being 'me-first' or 'self-centered' in a selfish or greedy way.


The bigger picture is that ultimately our number one priority is that we engage in a deep and rich relationship with our 'me,' aka ourself.


The best way for us to live and give in wonderful ways, is if we take care of ourselves and learn to navigate life in conscious and responsible ways.


All relationships are influenced by the relationship one has with oneself.

ME represents "Mother Earth."

When me and Mother Earth are in harmony, all is well. 

Each one is responsible for their contribution and consumption. Thoughts, words, and actions matter.

When I heal ME, I heal Mother Earth.

Where to begin?
Call Now: 786 47 LIVE 7

Developmental Practices, Lectures, Courses, and Services for: Individuals, Schools, & Communities.

Because we are better together! 

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