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About the founder behind the ME dream...

Lisa Ralston is the visionary, researcher, and creator behind the MELIFELOVE brand. 

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My Story

I've always had the dream to create the manual they forgot to give you with your birth certificate. I've dedicated my life to living in alignment with nature and learning how exactly to do that for optimal holistic health encompassing the health and wellbeing of the many aspects of self including but not limited to; physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, and nutritional. 

Studying and teaching around the world has taught me that at the base of it all, humans are the same. We all bleed the same blood and cry the same tears. 

Through my journey I've picked up scars and tools for helping those scars to heal. That's what I'm here for. 

MEfood - Oh gosh, I was not well. My mom thinks I should have been in the hospital. She also wants me to have proper diagnosis. Several. My journey to health involved me fasting, cutting out sugar, gluten, wheat, dairy, and more, and learn more about what foods heal disease and work well together for the best chance of absorption, assimilation and elimination for optimal gut health. MEfood is my creation of "Let food by thy medicine." 

Massage Therapy - The passion of a life time from Christmas gifting to Professional Entrepreneur. When I was small I used to give massages to my family members, especially on holiday's. I started getting massage oils and lotions as Christmas presents and I started giving massage gift certificates at Christmas gifts. My Uncle Bill would want me to highlight that my childhood gift certificates included an expiration date. Business mind must have come natural to me back then. 

Bodytalk - When BodyTalk came into my life I knew it was going to change my future vision. The comprehensive priority based approach helped me to free up my mind and see what I did not see before. It was very influential in helping me to heal in so many ways. All of the BodyTalk classes I have been an honored participant of have profoundly changed my life. 

Sound Therapy - Playing the Crystal Singing Bowls is a natural joy for me. It feels so good. What I have found is that if I allow myself to be part of the session I channel some helpful guided breathing and relaxation suggestions. 

What is guided imagery? 

Teaching - This comes natural to me. I love to learn. My passion for teaching comes from my passion for learning.


Networking - I believe we rise together. Coming together in community is one of my favorite things to do. Bringing together the top people in the area is helpful for all of us. The Health Guide gives me a place to track that which was really good. As well as provide a where, what, and who that you and others may also find to be beneficial for your health. Making these good choices, to go MEapproved, will encourage more to serve more MEapproved items. 

Entrepreneur - I love it. Being my own boss is not easy but it teaches me a lot and allows me the freedom to live my life and set my schedule as ever I decide. 

I'm grateful to be here and appreciate so much that you are here with ME! Lets meet up for all the best stuff! Join the club on the MELIFELOVE Mighty Network

It is my absolute dream to have an establishment where we can congregate for the purpose of healing, comfort, learning, and growth. The Mother Earth Healing Arts Center is that for me. I get the best cup of coffee or tea while I am there. Sometimes learn something and the spa services and yoga classes are the best in town. If I do say so myself. I get that from collective research. 


Wanna chat? Me too! 

786 47LIVE7

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