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​Holistic Health Education 

  • Professional Development 
  • Student Support
  • Projects
  • Curriculum
  • On-line Courses
  • Creative Collaborations
  • Holistic Fitness Classes 
  • Sound Therapy Events 

"Decades of research has shown that it's hard for a child who hasn't learned how to respond to stress to do well in school." 

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About ME LIFE LOVE at Schools

In 2015, it was clear to me that the best way to make the most significant positive influence on the world is to educate the children. In 2018, MELIFELOVE gratefully and enthusiastically began it's outreach at schools. 

After only three years in the field, more than 10 courses have been created and shared with hundreds of teachers and students. MELIFELOVE offers a variety of holistic health education, encompassing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and wellbeing. 


Nourish Your Body,
Mind, and Spirit
to Change the World

We are always building momentum whether we realize it or not. Each thought, emotion, activity, and decision contributes to the whole and, to your unique experience, life, and wellbeing.

"The mind affects the body & the body affects the mind."

MELIFELOVE Focuses on Health, Balance, and Growth

  • Get rid of bias

  • Increase school achievement 

  • Reduce health care costs 

  • Increase productivity and focus

"When we learn how to heal ourselves, love ourselves, and be in integrity with our whole self, I believe, there will be less hate, crime, violence, and bullying amongst children and adults."

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Learning Can
Only Take Place
in the Present

Social, Emotional, and Mental Health are important and necessary for growth and learning. 

Trauma, stress, and adversity can put a person behind.

MELIFELOVE can help, offering professional programs, lectures, workshops, curriculum, on-going classes, and events for students, administrators, teachers, staff, and parents.

"How do we foster the development of the whole child?"


    I am so grateful that our area has access to this kind of education and training. It’s rare and it’s a gift to all of us.



— N.M. from Wellsville, NY

       I actually got to use one of the techniques I learned in class the very next day to break up a fight on the playground. I was really surprised that it worked. I’m definitely going to use it again. 



— J.P. from Olean, NY

    That was one of the best Professional Development classes I have taken in my entire career. 



— S.R. from Salamanca, NY

     We don’t always get this kind of perspective. I really liked the presentation. I'm definitely thinking about things differently and feel refreshed. 



— K.R. from Great Valley, NY



To bring Holistic Health Care Practices to the students, employees, parents, and community members. 



 Practices to be used for a lifetime. 


Improve health, vibrancy, and immunity



Reduce stress and process emotions, events, thoughts, beliefs, and more.



Create a peace culture.


I see people asking other people if they are breathing, feeling, thinking, connecting, okay. You know what I mean? I see people checking in on each other and being there for one another. I believe in community. I believe in healthy community built on principles of care, transparency, communication, love and appreciation. 

I see this happening when we first teach children how to check in with themselves. To monitor how they are breathing, feeling, thinking, connecting, and if they think they are okay. We need healthy role models to demonstrate what taking a moment of silence looks like as well as more sophisticated, yet simple, practices for balancing the body mind and harmonizing the system.

MELIFELOVE on Twitter @me_life_love

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10 Things You Can Do to Prevent Violence in Your School Community

Show your children you believe education is important and that you want your children to do their best in school by being involved in their education. 


Gratitude in Education longer just defining gratitude and identifying its benefits but determining the most effective ways to cultivate it...


Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Allowing all children and youth the opportunity to thrive as they move through school and into their adult lives requires that they develop the skills and competencies to help them navigate challenges they may face, keep positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.



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