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Experience at your own pace. Follow the Groups or take Courses. Talk to other members and go to events when they are in your area. Connect with members. Invite your holistically minded friends and your skeptical friends.


There is no denying that calming, processing, and centering techniques are necessary to neutralize the cumulative stressors. It's important that you do a little everyday. You can set up a routine for practice or casually sprinkle techniques into your day to day. Just like stress in cumulative so is self care and self love. So, get used to it. 

Compete in competitions. Win prizes. Post your success. Meet up. Dialog online. Maintain relationships on and off the screen. 

Join ME!
Connect on the MELIFELOVE
Virtual Hub @
Mighty Network


Mighty Network is an app for Virtual Communities to connect with events, courses, and live meetings. 
Go to Mighty Network App and search for ME LIFE LOVE. Join there and get access to a free membership and a variety of plans. 

Tea with ME

List the different features found in mighty network, like weekly holistic fitness classes. Affirmations, Tea with ME, Etc. Feature a little tid-bit of all of it.  

I love when we have tea. Thanks for showing up for Tea with ME. It's so good to drop in together. Remember to breathe and look for the good. You got this! 

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Breathe with ME classes

This is your Project description. A brief summary can help visitors understand the context of your work. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start.

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Onward at OCS

Hey Olean City Schools! Join me here! Stay up to date on fun and relaxing events. 


Holistic Fitness Classes

You betcha! Let's get fit! Body, mind, and spirit. There is no better way to exercise than within the connection and alignment to your center and your breath. Any activity can become something more when we interconnect all the aspects of self in healthy and joyful movements. 


MEfood Smoothie Course

You never knew you needed this. Smoothies are suppose to be easy. Just throw everything but the kitchen sick in a blended and blend blend. Enk. Wrong. You're life will never be the same after this course. We are so glad you are here. 


Head Start Finally Friday

This one is for your Head Start Program Professionals. Come on in to this support group and also learn new techniques for self care, balancing, and more. 

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When you get on the Virtual Community we will be using the Mighty Network to connect. Below is a list of the Mighty Networks Table of Contents so you can get acclimated now.  


Helping you experience more connection in  your life! 

And greater understanding of how to use the ME LIFE LOVE Virtual Community on Mighty Networks. 


Here you will see an activity feed of the groups you are part of.


Find posts, topics, groups, courses, events and more. 


Connect with others in the ME LIFE LOVE community.


About our site.


Invite more friends to be members. 


Sort by topics. 


View members by their professions.


Sort by Groups. 


Sort by Courses.


Connect with Live Chat. 

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