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MELIFELOVE is on a mission to demonstrate, educate, inspire, motivate, and encourage you to use naturally available resources and skills to improve your health and well being. Encompassing many aspects of self and life, including physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.


Here to help you experience more connection in your life and relationships; within the many aspects of oneself, with one another in relationships, and with the environment.


"When I heal ME, I heal Mother Earth."

More connection, cohesion, & harmony on Mother Earth and within.  


My mission with ME LIFE LOVE formulated in 2015. At least it is then that the name dropped in. It's a fun play on a very expanded metaphysical concept. Oneness. As within so without.  We often times see in others not what is true for them, but what is true for us. Recognizing ones point of power is at the center of oneself, not outside of the self in the business of others and the world. Power lies within.


As we heal what is our personal unresolved pain and suffering, our healing influences the whole. As an interconnected species we are all in a relationship with everything and everything is always moving and changing. As we bring about change within from our personal point of power it impacts everything, naturally. The whole and everything can be looked at microcosmically and macrocosmically. As you change and heal your direct environment is influenced by your uplifted energy. Family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, pets and acquaintances are influenced as well as the quantum field and beyond my comprehension.


When we heal, we vibrate at a higher frequency, our hearts open, and we operate with more compassion, empathy, and the capacity for connection. 

Healing will always be a priority until we reach the conscious maturity to not hurt each other. 

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