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Big ideas for improving and better supporting each other. If you feel resonate, let ME know! We are in this together. 



Education for a higher vibration. 

Developmental Practices, Lectures, Courses, and Services for:




We are better together! 

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The ancient art of yoga is finding its way in modern education. 

Social, Emotional, and Mental Health are important and necessary for learning. MELIFELOVE can help, offering professional programs, lectures, and curriculum for administrators, teachers, and students. 

Learning can only take place in the present. Decades of research has shown that it's hard for a child who hasn't learned how to respond to stress to do well in school. Yoga is a lot more than a physical practice. It helps one respond to stress. Yoga is the workout that develops psycho/emotional health and resiliency. It creates an emotional buffer system and aligns the individual with personal identity. Lets get it to the students when they are young so they have these tools to make the right decisions to maintain health, to cope and heal, feel confident in who they are, and become honest, authentic, empathetic, compassionate, kind, and loving leaders of tomorrow.  

Yoga at School


MEyoga PE Edition Fall 2020



  • GEM Gratitation Experimentation Manifestation
    • Gratitude is magic.​
      • GEM 101-104
  • ​​​​​​UPAST - Universal Present Awareness for Students and Teachers
    • Learning doesn't happen in the past or future, only in the present. ​
  • MEyoga 
    • PE Edition​
    • Teacher Edition
    • Student Edition
    • Administrator Edition
    • Coach Edition
  • YES - Yoga Essence for Success 
    • MEyoga explained for easy and practical daily use.
      • YES 100-108 ​
  • POW - Power of Words and Language
    • Talk to the subconscious mind and get the results you want.​
  • Stress to Empowerment​
    • Activities to clear stress, focus the mind, and maintain health.
    • Feeling good and safe increases the capacity to learn, grow, and love life.

  • Gratitude is Awesome! SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Unravelled
    • ​Remember the power you already have, be inspired and get creative, uplift and direct self and others for success, health, and joy. 
  • MEfood
    • Learn to prepare healthy foods for life! 
  • Showing Up For Yourself (Middle-High School Level)
    • What to do when you are feeling insecure. 
  • Student Resilience Course
    • Establishing home-base.
  • Teacher Survival Guide
    • Self Care and Resilience ​

Contact ME for more details, offerings and ways to work with ME. 

Education for a higher vibration.

Raising consciousness to improve health in physical, emotional, mental, energetic, relational, and spiritual ways.

Integrated education to live by.

This is the good stuff, the manual they forgot to give you with your birth certificate.

Learn how to live, in joy, love, and optimal health, on Mother Earth, for the best experience possible. 

When I am here, and you are here, more come too!

When I Heal ME, I heal Mother Earth. 

We are in this together. 



For other questions and comments email teachertraining555@yahoo.com

"If you want to understand the universe, think in terms of vibration, frequency, and energy." Nikola Tesla

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OnLine Yoga Studio

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Community Health Festival


Something Good

May 2020



Cattaraugus Allegany Counties

Health & Wellness Celebration


"You may just be one drop in the ocean, but look at the ripple effect one drop can make." 




i am

i am

i am



In the comfort of your own home, roll out a yoga mat or a blanket for live, interactive yoga and meditation lessons and Q&A. 

Sessions meet every Monday @ 6PM

Habit forming, self practice inspiration. 


We need a witness for the pain, suffering, and ultimate liberation. I’m here for that purpose.

Zen Coaching is a one-on-one service designed to address your personal questions, needs, and growth for self development.


Contact ME to get started.

If I'm not your coach, maybe I know who is. International Coaching Resource Center Coming Soon!  Thank you for your support!  


Coaching makes a great gift to tell someone you care even if you don't know how to help them. 



Costa Rica, Miami, & Malta


Nestle deep into the lush nature and tropical oasis. Enjoy garden fresh gourmet meals, daily yoga, meditation, and self nourishing activities. One of those experiences that lasts forever in your heart and mind.

Thank you! 



Tel. 786.47LIVE.7  /  786-475-4837

Email. MotherEarthLifeLove@gmail.com

We are better together and are grateful for your presence and participation. Thank you!