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Hi! I'm Lisa Ralston, the lead educator here at MELIFELOVE.

A few years ago I was talking with a group about violence in schools. In specific, bullying and gun violence. A lot of options for managing these issues were presented including having more police in schools, arming teachers, having metal detectors and bag checks. The group was surprised when I suggested the only thing necessary for alleviating violence is love. MELIFELOVE teaches self awareness, healing, and alignment!


A study revealed a lack of SEL regularly correlated with unfavorable outcomes such as an increased chance of unemployment, divorce, poor health, criminal behavior and imprisonment.


  • Are human beings naturally violent? 

  • What are some of the reasons why students know, think, feel, and express hate and violence? 

  • Why is it important and valuable that human beings learn about themselves and get to know who/what/how they are? 

  • How are dis-stressing emotions best de-fused?

Although the vast majority of education stakeholders agree SEL is important, it has remained on the sidelines while education leaders have instead focused on academics alone—as opposed to the development of the whole child (Giancarlo Brotto, The Future of Education Depends on Social Emotional Learning: Here’s Why,

  • How do we foster the development of the whole child? 

  • How might a person understand overall wellbeing? 




  • We don't know how 

  • We don’t know what we don’t know

  • It’s a lot of work

  • It takes time

  • It’s uncomfortable

  • We don’t know the value of it

  • Blocked (emotionally, mentally)

  • Fear (of change, of self, of losing control)

MELIFELOVE is here to help!

Nourish your mind, and change the world. 

  • Get rid of bias

  • Increase school achievement 

  • Reduce health care costs 

  • Increase productivity and focus

Establishing self connection, is the first step to a culture that is conscious, aware, and able to ride the tides of change with grace. 


We are always building momentum whether we realize it or not. Each thought, emotion, activity, and decision contributes to the whole and, to your unique experience, life, and wellbeing.

Social, Emotional, and Mental Health are important and necessary for growth and learning. 

Trauma, stress, and adversity can put a person behind until they heal.

MELIFELOVE can help, offering professional programs, lectures, workshops, curriculum, on-going classes, and events for students, administrators, teachers, staff, and parents.

MELIFELOVE focuses on health, balance, and growth.

With all that is happening in the world right now I wish everyone had the trust and comfort that comes with the practice of self communication.

Having a solid connection to self helps one to effectively recover from stress and focus on solutions and growth.

  • How are we to be strong, empathetic, and resilient if we do not know what it feels like to be centered and aligned to our ‘true north’ or how to get there?

Learn to maintain personal health, peace of mind, safety, mental and emotional stability, and so much more.

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Show your children you believe education is important and that you want your children to do their best in school by being involved in their education. 


Gratitude in Education longer just defining gratitude and identifying its benefits but determining the most effective ways to cultivate it...


Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Allowing all children and youth the opportunity to thrive as they move through school and into their adult lives requires that they develop the skills and competencies to help them navigate challenges they may face, keep positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.



Learning can only take place in the present.

Decades of research has shown that it's hard for a child who hasn't learned how to respond to stress to do well in school.

Whether the stress originates in the home, is brought on by external stimuli, or is an internal imbalance it needs to be addressed in order for them to do well in school.

Students need role models and skills to make good decisions to maintain health, balance, and grow. MELIFELOVE teaches one how to heal so that is possible. The result is that they feel confident in who they are to become the  honest, authentic, empathic, compassionate, kind, and loving leaders of tomorrow. 


    I am so grateful that our area has access to this kind of education and training. It’s rare and it’s a gift to all of us.



— N.M. from Wellsville, NY

       I actually got to use one of the techniques I learned in class the very next day to break up a fight on the playground. I was really surprised that it worked. I’m definitely going to use it again. 



— J.P. from Olean, NY

    That was one of the best Professional Development classes I have taken in my entire career. 



— S.R. from Salamanca, NY

     We don’t always get this kind of perspective. I really liked the presentation. I'm definitely thinking about things differently and feel refreshed. 



— K.R. from Great Valley, NY