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Sound Therapy

Harmonic Resonance


Relax into a realm of tranquility and healing.

Join us for an immersive journey where the ethereal tones of pure quartz crystal singing bowls and other medicinal instruments envelop you in a symphony of vibrational resonance, nurturing your mind, body, and spirit.


Whether you're seeking relief from physical ailments, emotional stress, or simply craving a moment of deep rejuvenation, this Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Therapy Event offers a sanctuary for renewal and self-discovery.

Restoring balance and harmony within through entrainment and resonance.


Experience a wide range of physical, emotional, and psychological benefits by incorporating guided meditation and holistic wellness practices.


You may feel stress melt away, tensions release, and a sense of inner peace emerge.

Wellness Day Event

Corporate Package


Private Individual or Group Sessions or Series

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Stimulate the Immune System

Lower Blood Pressure

Mental and Emotional Clarity

Deep Relaxation

Pain Relief

Cleansing and Balancing

Calm Over-Active Stress Response

Enjoy a Sound Bath

Stand, sit, or lie down.

Stretch if you want to or dance a little!

Some like to silently hum on their exhales for deep relief. Reset naturally and feel refreshed. Keep calm and carry on. Breathe, Relax, Unwind, Connect, Balance.

A Sound Bath is an impactful, passive, and gentle experience.

Sound Therapy
creates a ripple

We are here for it.

Harmonic Live Ambiance

Enjoy a Sound Bath at your next special event. Gentle live ambience music to set the tone and entrain everyone into a harmonious experience. 

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