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Where it begins

About ME LIFE LOVE at Schools

It's a great opportunity to educate, inspire, motivate, demonstrate, and encourage others to live in healthy and aligned ways using simple techniques to tune in to yourself. (Kind of like you tune an instrument. You can tune your body, mind, and spirit as well. Just like you would any instrument.)



To bring Holistic Health Care Practices to the students, employees, parents, and community members. 



 Practices to be used for a lifetime. 


Improve health, vibrancy, and immunity



Reduce stress and process emotions, events, thoughts, beliefs, and more.



Create a peace culture.


I see people asking other people if they are breathing, feeling, thinking, connecting, okay. You know what I mean? I see people checking in on each other and being there for one another. I believe in community. I believe in healthy community built on principles of care, transparency, communication, love and appreciation. 

I see this happening when we first teach children how to check in with themselves. To monitor how they are breathing, feeling, thinking, connecting, and if they think they are okay. We need healthy role models to demonstrate what taking a moment of silence looks like as well as more sophisticated, yet simple, practices for balancing the body mind and harmonizing the system.

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