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Wellness Coach


As a  Zen Life Coach I can work with you to practice a personalized approach to wellness that considers your mind, body, and spirit addressing nutrition, exercise, stress management, and more.


Through supportive guidance and tailored strategies, we empower you to achieve balance, vitality, and fulfillment in all areas of life. Say goodbye to quick fixes and hello to sustainable lifestyle changes that enhance your well-being long-term. Invest in yourself today and unlock your full potential.

Sometimes we need someone in our life for a while to help us through certain times. I help empower you to be aware of your part in your story and give you tools to write new lines.

Grow, Cope, Heal, Get unstuck, Learn, Let go, Be here now, Forgive, Integrate, Check in, Explore, Empower!

Meditate, Visualize, Mind Your Words, Practice, 


Discover what you 

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Styles of Yoga

Rouge Yoga
Chair Yoga
Desk Stretches
quick recovery tips

On the mat/In your space Yoga
Unity Flow Yoga
Super Chill and Deep Yin Yoga
Empower ME yoga
ME yoga

Personalized Classes

...deepen your practice, address specific health concerns, or simply enjoy a more intimate yoga experience...

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