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MEfood Smoothies

Breathe with ME Series 1 

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The ever creative process in the kitchen is both stabilizing and fun for me. I love creating new dishes with well combined medicinal foods.

I developed MEfood to help anyone recover from chronic inflammation and over-reactivity, be smart about intestinal issues, navigate food allergies, recover their health after chronic illness, and eat more plants properly combined in easy and healthy ways.

MEfood is all about helping you create and explore what "let food be thy medicine" means for you.

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The best thing we can do for the world right now is teach the children how to self regulate. 

Holistic Health means we include all aspects of an individual and their environment to matter and be important in one's overall well-being, health, and livelihood. 

MELIFELOVE highlights the essentials of our basic human needs and how to exercise holistically for for the wellbeing of the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of oneself.

Breathe well, move well, feel well, think well, act well, be well, do wonderful things.


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Located in Olean, NY, The Center is a peaceful and inspiring place where magic happens. Private services, group fitness classes, community events, workshops, tea parties, gifts and more. 

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Call Now: 786 47 LIVE 7

Developmental Practices, Lectures, Courses, and Services for: Individuals, Schools, & Communities.

Because we are better together! 

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