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Power Pose

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

The mind affects the body and the body affects the mind.

Strike a power pose. Put your fists on your hips and stand up tall. Beam your heart up and out like the Super Hero or Care Bear. Then, just breathe, allowing your breath to guide you into a better posture in relationship to gravity. Soften your ankles and knees a little and widen the soles of your feet so you feel really balanced.

Stay there for at least a minute. Do your best to commit to at least five rhythmic breaths. Stay there and breathe until you stop thinking so much and start listening more.

When you enter the state of being where you can hear your thoughts, listen closely.

Interrupt any disfunctional or detrimental thoughts.

Replace boredom, complacency, or indifference.

Affirm strength, power, and balance.

“I can do anything good.”

“I am strong, confident, and comfortable.”

“I got this.”

“I was born to do this.”

"I am balanced."

"I am safe and protected right now."

"Everything good is possible in my world."

"I make a positive impact on others and the environment."

"I can and I will."

Believe it is true!

You are standing here. You have survived everything thus far. Have confidence you will continue to perceiver. You have all the evidence to believe that you will. See it as already done. Then carry on breathing and moving through your day in courageous, peaceful, kind, and loving ways. You are more powerful than you know! Thank you for being you!

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