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It only works if you do it. You only know if you try.

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Humans mimic each other, consciously and unconsciously. What you do matters. How you feel matters. You are more powerful than you know. Taking care of yourself, takes care of everyone and everything else.

One easy way to soothe yourself in any situation or environment is to practice the microcosmic orbit. The microcosmic orbit is known as the ‘invisible breath’ affectionately by its practitioners because it soothes your energy (thinking and feeling) so much that you can travel like a ninja without being noticed or drawing unwanted attention to yourself.

It’s simple, natural, and easy.

Inhale, imagine a wave or color travelling up the back line.

Exhale, imagine a wave or color travelling down the front line.

Link the breath and your imagination as if the breath is what propels the wave or color around the body. You could even imagine a red race car traveling up and down the spine, around the track, propelled by your breath. Kids love this! Do you want to soothe the climate of your classroom, ask the students to take 5 "Red Race Car Breaths."

Continue this as you watch the breath become more rhythmic and round.

Perhaps you will even be able to feel the sensation of this current. The microcosmic orbit links you to your body’s natural cerebral spinal fluid flow.

It only works if you do it. You only know if you try.

Practice, and find out just how soothing this breath is!

- while sitting and concentrating on the breath

- sitting at your desk working

- while doing the dishes

- when you are walking or riding a bike

- while you are exercising

Imagine the orbit tight to your body to feel safe and contained.

Imagine it bigger to influence your environment.

How does it feel for you?

When and where do you use the microcosmic orbit?

I'm grateful to hear your experience!

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