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Cumulative Effects

The efforts you take to feel and think good are cumulative. The more you are aware of your needs, meet them, and maintain a healthy, balanced, and growing disposition, the more peaceful, kind, and loving you will be. Whatever you be, is what will come.

Tuning into your needs:

Are you breathing?

Of course you are! Thank goodness.

How do you know?

Tune in and watch the breath as it rises and falls.

What are your needs?

Don't think! Just breathe, ask the question, "what do I need?" Listen to what surfaces in your awareness. Stop thinking! Listen to the subtle language of your heart, body, mind, and spirit.

How and when will you get your need(s) met?

Identify the urgency and priority of your needs. Make it happen by imagining the experience of your needs being met in your mind in advance. Get fancy and bring all your senses into your awareness; sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. Then carry on, trusting your needs will be met. Take approrpiate action steps toward fulfilling your needs.

Meeting your needs is good for your health and the well being of everyone else.


"I am capable of meeting my own needs."

"Meeting my needs is good for my health."

"When I take care of ME, I can take care of others."

"It is responsible to take care of my needs."

Tuning into your thoughts:

Are you breathing?

Yes, yes... we've established this already. However, check often. The more you breathe the better you feel.

How long is your inhale?

Pay attention to your breath for a while. Become the observer.

How many seconds is your exhale?

Observe your breath until your inhale and exhale are the same pace and length. Exhaling a little longer than you inhale will help to relax your nervous system. You can literally do this anywhere! So if you are feeling a little anxious, exhhhaaalllleee.

What thoughts are going through your mind?

Just watch. Just listen. Be curious. (Don't judge yourself.) Be gentle.

Are those thoughts good for your health and well-being?

If yes - awesOMe!

If not so much, ask yourself...

What's good?

Look for the good around you.

What would be a better thought to be having?

You're the author after all.

What do I really want to experience?

When you catch yourself repeating the same old irritating thought, switch it up by asking yourself what you'd rather experience. Choose thoughts that are optimistic, kind, and forgiving. Focus on healthy, peaceful, and balancing thoughts.

Do this often!

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