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Nicole Johanna

"I give my clients the wellness education, tools and resources that they need to feel happy, get their health back, and enable them to manage life’s pressures in a calmer way." 

Nicole wraps glamorous gem stones in her free time. Check out her instagram link to see her jewelry. 


Experienced Alternative Health Practitioner

Nicole Johanna is an experienced alternative health practitioner. She is a firm believer that our bodies have an innate ability to heal. Noticing so much disharmony in her clients health she started asking some questions:

1. Why is there so much anxiety and mental health disorders?

2. Why does everyone seem to have chronic adrenal and thyroid issues?

3. Why is everyone dealing with massive inflammation, autoimmune and psorasis?

Nicole offers sessions on line and at her office Allegany, NY.


 Who doesn't want to have more energy, less physical pain, have their labels of disease fall away?  

If you want this for yourself I highly recommend setting up a FREE 20 min consult with Nicole Johanna. 


•Biofeedback is touching on the energetic side of the body and removing energetic blockages that cause health problems.

•Root Cause Protocol is correcting nutrient imbalances in the body so that the body can cleanse and heal.

•Yoga Infused Qigong is helping the Physical body and Qi body, restore vital energy in the organs.





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