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Places to Eat
(MEapproved Restaurants)

Sage Wellness, Olean NY

Good smoothies and grab and go treats. Love the balls and the juices. If the burritos were 'beefed' up a bit more I'd pay even more for them.

Old Library, Olean, NY

If the library still has this dish they are doing something right. it was called the Crispy Tofu. The crispy tofu, which I am not always a fan of for a few reasons, however, it can be really delish depending on who makes it, is tossed on top the most bomb zucchini salad. That's the best part the yummy accoutrements. For lunch I have had their rice noodle soup. You won't want to be there eating that on a first date, but it was delicious. (I also love sitting outside. Live music, etc, sun set, it's very enjoyable.

EBC Taco's the Taquierra 

Oh my gosh! Mushroom Tacos! Yes. Thank you. I'll take two. And a bowl togo! 

Located in Ellicottville, NY it is a prime spot for meeting people from many regions. Holiday Valley provides a year round attraction. 

Just be careful ya'll. You know that those margarita cans are often times really strong. Like I saw one that was 12%! You don't want to...

Brothers Bistro

Get the Veggie Tikka or the Curry. I always ask about real cream verses coconut cream. And chick peas because I don't eat those. Find out for yourself if it works for you. Their salad is good and paired with rice and or roasted veggies, it can be turned into a delicious and warm salad meal/bowl. 

Maybe you know of a place? 

Do you know of places that have a MEapproved dish or more? Let ME know! 

West Rose

Oh sweet West Rose. Take me home to a time long ago where the dust didn't settle and the saloons served breakfast and whiskey. I've got a big hoop skirt on and a fancy top with gloves and an appropriate hat for the season. Cute shoes too. 

Beyond my day dream of what West Rose does for me, West Rose is a fantastic spot serving several MEapproved items. Check out the menu, our recommendations, and take peek at the video. 

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